Type 3 Precast Balustrade (fluted)

Type 3 Precast Balustrade These balustrades have a more contemporary look, unique with a fluted design and an elegant shape. Works with the same concrete railing system as our other types of balustrades. Also 7"x 7" wide, 30.5" high. With bottom rail the top rail stands at 39.5". In order to meet the 4" ball code these balustrades must be spaced no less then 9.5" center to center.

Availability: Out of stock. 2-4 weeks depending on the size of project.

Approximate Price: $125 per linear foot, including the needed amount of balusters, top, bottom railings and elevating pads: The amount of material needed for your balustrade varies greatly depending on the shape and size of your patio/porch, that is why we encourage you to email us the layout with measurements.